Service Catalogue

Mental Massages core service offering is providing Virtual Reality Experiences for Wellbeing into your environment. We are keen to work with you to deliver exactly what you need to get the most out of our curated and bespoke VR Experiences including all the hardware, branding and logistics.

Whether you are targeting a specific risk or concern, a subset of your staff, clients or customers or are looking for broader integration into a larger program – we can mix and match the catalogue items below to best match your goals.

Consultation on VR and Wellbeing

Working with you to analyse your environment and needs is one of our core principles.
We can help decipher your various use cases, researching and aligning service offerings to best meet your goals. We can also develop any program, project or event documentation needed for your environment to help with planning, approvals or compliance. Let’s work together to help your people.

VR Experience Review and Curation

We are continually evaluating and categorising VR applications so we are ready to curate a suite of experiences that best suits your requirements. We will facilitate licensing and usage administration and make sure you understand all the implications of using multiple applications and managing the full user experience. Our extensive menu of third-party experiences combined with our bespoke offerings is designed to make it fun to find the most effective solutions for you.

Creation of Bespoke VR Experiences

We are very proud to be delivering our own VR experiences, specifically designed and created in response to your unique environment and desires. Developed using powerful game-engine software we combine beautiful digital environments with custom voice-over scripts, binural beats, music and environmental audio. Our experiences can even include interactivity and data collection as needed to complete the package. We have a series of templates to speed up development for you, though some of our custom experiences might already be just what you need.

Branding and Interfaces

Pulling together all the elements with some strong consistent branding, signage and user interfaces can be what makes it all work. We will work with you to make sure everything carries your company, program or event branding, whether that is a sign on a booth, a sticker on a piece of hardware or a loading screen inside a headset. We can help create the physical and digital promotional material, whatever is needed to make your use of Mental Massages successful.

Booths and Kits

We provide specialised VR Experience Booths complete with the latest VR headsets to make the environment for a Mental Massage a special one for your users. Whether indoors or outside our booths will make Mental Massages a showpiece in your practice, wellbeing space or special event. Our kits and furniture are for more permanent installations to make it all work in with your décor and keep all the tech running smoothly and simply. For those that travel or want to loan Mental Massages out we have kits for that too.

Setup, Run and Support

We are here to help with all stages of your Mental Massages deployment, getting things setup, running things for you and supporting you for any ongoing units that you are retaining. We can be there to ensure things run smoothly at your event, letting you concentrate on all the other things. We provide remote and on-site assistance, updates, support and service for your units and their software to protect your investment and keep things fresh and exciting.

Research and Reporting

We have several ways to collect data from your users’ experience with Mental Massages which can be collated for you into a suitable report format. Building on that we are keen to partner with you to undertake more comprehensive research into the efficacy and use of VR for wellbeing with results being presented and published.

Even More

We can bring our leadership, knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to a suite of related services too.
We can deliver Workshops and VR demos to your staff or clients.
We like the idea of collaborating with other providers, integrating our services with other things to make a more unified experience for your users.
Leveraging our gear and applications to provide VR-based training or recreation is a good way to extend your usage of an investment in Mental Massages.
Lastly we are enthusiastic about partnering with other VR content creators for inclusion in our service offerings and co-development to better serve all our clients.

Pilot Program

More details on all these services will be coming soon as we iterate everything based on our Pilot Programs. If you would like to join us in this pilot stage, please get in touch – we would love to hear from you.


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