VR Therapy Platform

Mental Massages has developed a VR therapy platform. 

Put your clients into a VR headset so they can experience the benefits of our special virtual reality therapy sessions. They will be immersed in gorgeous environments and guided through a recorded wellbeing session on a range of topics to suit their mental health and resilience needs. The Mental Massages team have created the solution to make everything as smooth and simple as possible while being ready to help if you need it.

If you have an interest please get in touch through the CONTACT US page.

Our VR Therapy Program is centred around therapists and counsellors of various types looking to introduce the VR modality into their practices.



Mental Massages are excited about the synergies and benefits of VR mindfulness and mental health therapy:


Users are transported and immersed in a rich visual and audio environment designed to enhance the therapy.


The VR experience is engrossing and research is showing this leads to a lasting effect. In VR, the mind makes it real.


VR can be very approachable for some people and they will feel safe inside their private session, separated from the world during the time.


The VR sessions leverage the benefit of nature for wellbeing and use the audio- visual elements to create strong anchors for users.


VR is new and exciting, a real draw for people to try it and gain the benefits directly, while also providing a gateway to further mental health treatment.

Dandelion Meadow Experience – 360 capture



Virtual Reality kits with everything you need including the VR headset and earphones.


Completely portable, use it anywhere you need, just requires WiFi or mobile hotspot connection.


Website Control Panel and VR software to manage the sessions for users and your account details.


Growing library of VR sessions including:
Relax with the dandelions
Magnetic Charisma
Outsmart Procrastination Thieves
Rainbow of Positive Change


Guidebook and video tutorials plus easy access to our support team and hardware replacement if needed.


All packages include all hardware, sessions and support. $330 setup fee applies.
No long term contract, minimum total cost $378.99





10 Sessions

40 Sessions

120 Sessions

350 Sessions