New Website and Logo

As our groovy Mental Massages initiative develops two of the things we needed were a website just like this one and a logo to go with it. Thought it might be nice to share how we got to here and what we learnt along the way.


You are looking at our nice new website running along on the new version of WordPress with the Bard theme as a base and a bunch of plugins to make it all happen. It always surprises me how much energy it takes to even pull together a simple site like ours, all the little bits and pieces…

Anyhow you will now be able to check in here for details on our Products, Services, Research and Events and keep up to date with developments and changes via blog posts and media releases also on the site


It was actually lots of fun developing our little logo. We were keen to incorporate a suite of elements starting with nature, plants and natural colours. We liked the circle used in related logos as well as the idea of a cute character being in there somewhere too. We wanted the logo itself to be something that brought people some joy and hinted at mental growth.

Then it was time for a whole bunch of tests, narrowing down to our favourites and then iterating until we arrived at our fun logo – we hope you like it too