VR Technology Stack

With an adventurous project like Mental Massages, one of the key factors is the evolving technology stack at the core of developing and delivering on engaging experiences of this type.

First thing to note here is that the whole tech space surrounding Virtual Reality from the hardware, headsets and game engines is very dynamic. We get a stream of new announcements and reveals from players big and small which is exciting for us. The key thing here is that the choices made so far are just that and will evolve as we go along.

We have new players joining established players in and all of then announcing or revealing – new announcements and

The team enjoys watching this space, experimenting with the different options and ultimately deploying the best into our services and products. This post just walks through some of the key tech choices made by the team thus far and what that means for the pilot experiences and those to come.

Hardware and Headsets

We are staying quite flexible in our options around headsets for the VR experiences as many of them would be compatible with our creations. That said we are most excited by the latest offerings from Oculus, specifically the Oculus Go (our current dev target) and the new Oculus Quest, even the Oculus Rift S

Game Engine

There are two primary players in the Game Engine space and a set of others on the periphery. While Unity has many benefits, we are building in Unreal Engine. UE4 gives us all the power we need as well as the stunning visuals to bring the natural and mystical environments needed for our experiences to life. Combine the engine with assets and plugins and we are able to deliver stunning environments with only our small team

Other Tech

In order to deliver our experiences we also need to leverage an ecosystem of other hardware and software, some of which includes:
The Adobe Suite (2D and video work), 3D Studio Max (3D modelling), Trello (team collaboration), GoogleDocs (file sharing) and Slack (team comms)

Stay tuned for more on this as things will evolve/mature/improve for sure!