VR + Wellbeing = Groovy

This little post is just going to highlight some of the synergy between Virtual Reality and Wellbeing Experiences that make us so excited about bringing Mental Massages to life.


Our world grows more and more complex all the time and our access to it grows more immediate through our phones and devices. Many struggle to pull away from all the stresses of their lives, to take the time they need. A VR Mental Massage puts the user in a headset away from their usual distractions, no more lure of their phone or regular life as they take the time to benefit from the relaxation and guided mental improvement.

Edit of promo image from Oculus site


The healing benefit of nature can be a powerful thing, something we can leverage in our VR Mental Massages by bringing the user into a gorgeous natural or even fantastic world. Modern game engines allow us to create stunning natural environments rich with plants wafting in the breeze beside a trickling stream with the sunlight peeking through the canopy high above. Flowers bloom and animals skitter through the scene evoking the same joy of nature which is so beneficial to our wellbeing.


One of the most significant things about VR is the sense of immersion, how you feel transported right inside the virtual world. This matches very well with the approach of guided meditation where people are asked to imagine different places, now we can take them there with a multi-media, multi-sensory Mental Massage experience.


A regular guided meditation session is quite reliant on each persons ability to imagine, to conjure up a rich view of places and events from a sunny beach to a crystalline cave lit by fireflies. While this is easy for some, for many their visual and sensory imagination is limited, they don’t naturally form fully realised imagery in their minds eye. VR Mental Massages deliver this for them, not only enhancing the experience at the time but we hope also aiding in retention of any learning as it will sit more strongly in their recollection with all the visual and auditory cues.

B.O.W. Qin Forest in Unreal Engine using Megascans and SpeedTree (via Artstation)


People can be embarrassed or ashamed about getting help with their own wellbeing or mental health. The VR Mental Massages can be very private to each participant as they take their time with the experiences most relevant to them without anyone seeing.


Yes, Virtual Reality is new and attractive to people! This lure to try out the technology and new experiences is very real and will bring people who might otherwise be unsure about any wellbeing assistance to give it a try.


There are many who are hesitant about seeking any form of mental health assistance, taking that first step. The less direct model of a VR Mental Massage can be an easier thing to approach vs calling a counsellor or help line or attending a session or event. Hopefully they will gain something from the experience and then be guided onto more help as needed.